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Best Reviewed 24-25" Matte 1080p IPS/PLS

on Tue Jul 25, 2017 5:31 pm

Always purchase from retailers with hassle free return and exchange policies. Read retailers return and exchange policies before buying.

My recommendations are based off of testing many similar monitors and reading in-depth reviews. Many monitors not found in this thread likely perform well, but it makes more sense to buy well reviewed monitors, and I like having sources to refer to, even though I do not always agree with them.

Recommendations are PWM or Flicker Free:

I do not recommend monitors which use low LED PWM Dimming frequencies since they [URL=""]ruin motion clarity[/URL] and cause some people to suffer from health issues like head aches and eyestrain. [URL=""]LED PWM Dimming Side Effects[/URL].

Almost all of these monitors can be considered delay free and offer similar overdrive performance with minimal ghosting (color streaking & overshoot).  The 25" 1080p IPS monitors use 8 bit panels with slightly better image quality after calibration (the Philips 257E7 is better than most out of the box) than some of the smaller monitors.

The almost-glossy/Low Haze coated HP 25er/25es (non-overclock-able 2016 models; they're the same aside from the casing color) 25CW/25XW (2015 models; they're the same aside from the casing color) and HP 24 Envy (fully glossy 75hz with AMD Free-Sync 2017 monitor) are the best glossy options while the Asus VZ249H (set the overdrive or Trace Free setting to 20 to eliminate overshoot ghosting), Dell U2417HA (it has better image quality but slightly more overshoot ghosting than the U2414H, HP, LG and Philips monitors), Dell U2417J, iiyama XUB2492HSU-B1, Philips 245C5QHAB (tested by me/NCX; no review published since I was too lazy), Philips 246E7QDSW and Philips 257E7QDSB are the best matte options.   The LG 24MP68VQ-P supports AMD Free-Sync (40-75hz; requires compatible AMD graphics card) and has great color presets, as well as image quality comparable to the best 24-25" panels.

All of LG's new AH-IPS panels are PWM or Flicker free and usually have good colour presets too.  Some of the AH-IPS panels use frame-less casings which have inner black bezels which ruin the perceived black depth (example).

The Dell P series monitors have a matte black bezel which increases the perceived black depth compared to the frame-less monitors inner black bezel.

<1mm Thin Black Vertical Lines: AOC I481FXH, HP 24 Envy, Viewsonic VP2468 & Possibly More

An issue shared by a few other 24" 1080p IPS/PLS panels is the presence of <1mm thick vertical black lines which span from top to bottom of the panel when viewing some light colors such as light blue and orange.  Despite having gamed on the 24 Envy for dozens of hours and looking at dozens of screen shots I did not notice the lines until the issue was pointed out to me by Magical Chicken here.  After noticing the vertical lines they can not be unseen, however I do not find them to be problematic for my uses (frequent console gaming), but this does not mean that others will notice or not notice the lines; results may vary.

PC Monitors also noticed the vertical black lines on the following monitors:

AOC I481FXH PC Monitors Review
Viewsonic VP2468 PC Monitors

Acer RT240Ybmid: Matte.  Test Results by Hardware Info.  The RT240Ybmid can cover 94% of the sRGB color space out of the box which is a great but not outstanding result, and it has fast pixel response times and mostly accurate color presets aside from the gamma which is a little low.

Asus VZ249H: Matte; set the overdrive/Trace Free setting to 20 (default is 60) to get rid of overshoot ghosting.  Review by Playwares.

Acer G257HL: Matte.  Review by NCX (In Progress).

AOC i2473PWY: Matte.  PC Monitors Review.  It has a 12.6ms delay while the others can be considered delay free.

AOC PDS241: Matte.  Test Results by Hardware Info.

AOC 259 IPS: Matte.  Review by Playwares.  It's an inferior version of the Acer G257HL and Philips 257E7.

Dell P2414H.  Matte.  TFT Central Review and PC Monitor's Review.

Dell P2417H: Review by Daywalker. Low glow panel with less vibrant and accurate colors than some newer competitors since it can only cover around 90% of the sRGB color space.  Owners have also reported that it suffers from obvious overshoot ghosting on certain transitions (purple overshoot on white & grey background), and but Dell is in denial or does not seem interested in the issue according to user interactions with Dell Customer Service on their forums.

Dell U2414H: Matte.  Review by =DEAD=.  TFT Central's Review and PC Monitors Review.  

Dell U2417J: Matte.  Review by TFT Central.

Dell U24147HWI: Matte.  Review by Alexander Gryzhin  

The HWI uses an 8 bit Samsung LTM238HL01 PLS panel which can only cover 88-90% of the sRGB color space while many of the newer 2016 panels can cover >93-100% of the sRGB color space which means that they can display colors more accurately and vibrantly.

Dell U2417HA: Matte.  Review by PC Monitors, PRAD, & TFT Central.

The U2417HA [Samsung LTM238HL04 PLS; not sure about the bit depth since different claims (6 bit +FRC vs 8 bit) exist]  has an extended color space and better image quality than most 1080p IPS/PLS along with the 25" panels, LG 24MP68VQ-P and Philips 245C5QHAB, but it uses a PLS panel with a stronger matte coating than competing IPS panels.  The unit PRAD and TFT Central (before revision change) both have around a frame of input lag.

Eizo FS2434: Matte. Review by Extrahardware CZ and PRAD.

Eizo EV2450: Matte.  Review by TFT Central.

iiyama XUB2492HSU-B1: Matte.  Review & Test Results by Hardware Info NL.

LG 24MB56HQ: Matte.  Review by PRAD.

LG 24MP58VQ-P: Matte.  Measurements by Hardware Info.

LG 24MP68VQ-P: Matte with 40-75hz AMD Free-Sync.  Test by

LG 24MP88HV: Matte.  Review by Alexander Gryzhin (=DEAD=).

Philips 245C5QHAB: Matte and not overclock-able; Picture.  I reviewed it but was too lazy to create a review.  It has essentially perfect preset color accuracy, negligible input lag and competitive pixel response times when the overdrive is set to the second Smart Response (Fast) setting.  My measurements are compared to multiple other 24-25" 1080p IPS/PLS in my HP 24 Envy Review here.

Philips 246E74QDSW: Matte.  Hardware Info Review & Hardware Info Measurements.  Review by Playwares.

The 246E7QDSW has outstanding preset color accuracy, excellent gaming performance, is competitively priced and has an improved fake frame-less casing with a thinner, but still perceived black depth decreasing inner black bezel.

Philips 257E7QDSB: Matte.  Review by Playwares.  Increase the overdrive, or change the Smart Response setting from Off to Fast to speed up the pixel response times without overshoot ghosting.

Samsung S24D390HL:  Matte.  PC Monitor's Review.

Samsung S24D590L: Matte.  Review by NCX, overclocks to 72hz.  Russian Review.

Samsung S24E390HL: Matte AD-PLS which can be overclocked to 75hz.  Review by PC Monitors.

Samsung S24F350H: Matte with AMD Free-Sync (48-60hz range).  Review by Hardware Info & Measurements by Hardware Info.

The S24F350H seems to be pretty much the same as previous AD-PLS panels can only over up to 93% of the sRGB color space, and it still uses a perceived black depth ruining glossy black bezel; gaming performance (input lag and pixel response times) are excellent and on par with the best 1080p 60hz monitors.

Viewsonic VP2468: Matte. Review by Alexander Gryzhin (=DEAD=) and Review by PC Monitors.
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